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Building Construction Management System
     This software helps in maintaining detailed information about Site Details, Labour Details including personal
information,wages,allowances, work descriptions, Daily  Transactions and  Payments etc.BCMS helps in viewing
the site  information like  the actual  amount spent for each  work done in a site on each day. Apart  from  this,
details  regarding Amount,  Materials required, purchased and actually  utilised in the site are  maintained. It is
used to analyse Material utilisation in the site.
     Information about the Vendors and   Materials form a vital part of the system.Provision for dealing with the
Receipt & Establishment  Charges has been incorporated  which deals with incoming amounts from clients and
their particulars and establishment charges of the site.
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Building Estimation System
   This product  enables easy  preparation and  maintenance of  Estimations for buildings build  Estim acts as a
center  for preparing  and analyzing the  estimates,material  and labour rates, quantity calculation of materials
etc.It organizes the given data efficiently and provides effective  Views and Reports for your Business activities
and analysis like  Detail and Abstract Estimate Reports, Standard Data Book maintenance,Wood Calculation for
Windows & Doors,Steel requirement for footings, Labour and material rate reports,Material and Labour
calculation for estimates etc.
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Transport Application Software
  tr@APSis a stand - alone software which helps in automating the works of a Transport Company.It maintains
the necessary information about vehicles,  Employees,  Retreating companies  and Daily  Ticket  Entry  Details.
tr@APS also has maintenance Module, which traces out the Tyre information of each vehicle, besides providing
overall Maintenance   details.Elaborate Ticket Details and Report generation is  the vital part of tr@APS, which
performs the task based on different criteria.
 Another feature is the availability of Online Help,which minimizes the end user doubts and difficulties,regarding
the usage of tr@APS.The software is intelligent enough in providing Warning and Reminders at the appropriate
time,thus helping in preventive maintenance.
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Polymer Industry Automation
 PIAS Includes modules like Purchase, Sales, Production, stores and Expenditure.It is well documented with the
necessary HELP needed for the end user.The Purchase module deals with the raw material purchase.It includes
all details of purchase including provision to know about the pending purchase bills for which payments are not
fully  made.  Purchase  orders  from the  buyers  can be  entered and  the DC’s  and Invoices   can be prepared 
according  to the  needs. A list  of Pending Dc’s. for which the Sales Invoice has not been prepared is shown for
the user’s convenience.
The  software also  maintains details  of suppliers, buyers,raw materials,components used by the firm with their
drawing  numbers,  recipes and  tools.The  Production  module  includes  the  details  of  daily  production  and
rejection, based  on  which  the delivery  adherence report and final  inspection rejection reports are generated
automatically.The  inventory  of produced components  is  also  maintained.Costing for new components is also
possible by providing the relevant data.
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Management Information System
 MIS includes  Reception, Marketing  and Sales  department, Quality  Control, Maintenance  and  Accounts.The 
Reception  deals  with  the in and  outgoing  daily correspondence, placement  of  purchase orders, preparation
of  purchase  statements  and maintaining  stationery stock. Information  about  all the vendors  and party are
maintained, including  the  company  details.The details  of  daily  production, dispatch,  total material into the
factory and account information are entered as daily sheet entry.
 Marketing  and  Sales  department deals with the  production  schedule for each month and the  orders placed
by  the  parties. Details  of export can be  also entered. Maintenance of machines/firms can be also maintained
in  detail  with  details  like the  cost involved,  nature of  work  and duration  taken to  complete. Provision  for
maintaining all the information of machines is provided.
 Flexibility  is  achieved  by  providing  a central  store  under which any type of maintenance work can be done
temporarily and later can be transferred to required firm or machine.
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