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   For Sri Gokulam Hospitals.Salem,SS Hospitals.Harur the following packages were developed.
Hospital Maintenance System-HMS
       HMS is networking software, which assists in efficient data management,providing ease
of use. This software takes care of the different departments including Reception, Lab,Blood
                Bank,Pharmacy,Stocks,Discharge Section,Operation Theatre and Accounts.Integrated view of all the
               departments of the hospital for the top management. Tracing down the diagnosis details of patients,
               treatments given to patients, drugs and chemicals used for Lab Tests.
  HMS is networking software, which assists in efficient data management, providing ease of use. This software
takes care of the different departments including Reception,Lab,Blood Bank,Pharmacy,Stocks,Discharge Section
Operation Theatre and Accounts.Integrated view of all the departments of the hospital for the top management.
Tracing  down the diagnosis details of patients, treatments given to  patients,drugs  and chemicals used for Lab
For the Textile Industries also we provided our Solutions.Which include the following package
     TexSoft  includes  Raw  Material  Inward, Storing  of  Materials  ,Wages  Payment , Sales
     department  ,Warping,  Weaving   RawMaterial   requirement  Calculation  and  Accounts.
Raw  Material  Inward deals  with the Inward  of  the Raw Material receipt from the supplier and keeps track of
the  amount  payable  to  Supplier.From  Stores  the  Materials are issued to  Dyeing  and Twisting Process and
receipt  of  the  materials  from  Dyeing and  Twisting is  also  maintained.From Stores Raw Material is issued to
Warping Process.
  After  Warping process, texSoft calculates  the actual  requirement of the  raw  materials  for  the warped The
Ledger  is created  for  the  Design  requirement,  under different  Heads  such  as  Special  Lot, Normal LotEtc.
The warped, Raw materials areissued to the Weaver for weaving process as per the Border requirements.
  After receiving  the Finished  materials,the  Stock is maintained in Different  heads  such  as Set, Saree, Piece,
Thupatta  of different  lengths such as 6Yds Saree,etc… under Special and Normal lot.texSoft keeps track of the
Wages  payment toDyer, Twister,Warper,Weaver. keeps  track of theOn-Loom  Process,Non running  Looms,etc.
Finished  material is stocked  separately in  Room and  Box Stock.Sales deals with the finished materialssales to
the buyer and keeps track of the Sales amount.
For  the  Construction  and  Other  industries  we  were  successfully developed  the  following
Mobility Android training  imparts the knowledge and skills to take on the Android world.The
trainee  will  go  through  the  fundamentals of  Android application design.Starting with the
demonstration  of the  IDE’s,the  training takes you through android development tools such
as AVD and ADB.
              This training will increase your competency by facilitating hands-on exposure with Android application
development and Google Web service. Throughout  the course, the learner will come across real time examples
which can serve a strong foundation while working on live projects.
On the completion of Android training course, you will be able to:
  • UnderstandAndroid fundamentals and architecture
  • Build and deploy Android applications
  • Use different IDEs namely, Eclipse, or IntelliJ Studio for application development
  • Exploring Android development tools for real time debugging and testing applications
  • Apply Java Fundamentals for Android Application Development
  • Perform operations using Android user interface and have good understanding of screen orientation and layouts
  • Activate different intents, activities and classes
  • Work on Android broadcast receivers and services
  • Utilize different inbuilt APIs to perform operation like accessing map using Google Web service
  • Use various application building blocks such as databases, communication, date and time.
  • Build applications based on the concepts learned in the training.