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Activation & De-Activation of GPRS/MMS facility upon Subscriber Request.
Charging of GPRS Usage - Browsing Charges.Charging of GPRS Usage - Content Download.Back Button
Subscriber migration to different plans.Customised SMS and GPRS Charging. Revert back to previous plan after
completion of the current plan.
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This is the Management Analysis Tool, in order to find out the Call Congestion, Call Success Rate,Call Hand over
rate,SMS Success rate, etc.,
The details can be found out for different BTS, sectors wise on per hour/on daily basis etc..
Trunck group wise traffic details can also be viewed.
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Online Charging of Differential SMS.
Online Charging of International SMS.
Enabling,disabling of SMS I/C & O/G.
SIM Swaping.
Enabling of Incoming calls, subscriber detetion, viz., disconnection on expairy 2 nd Grace peroid.
Barring of Incoming Calls to the subscribers and resetting the balance available amount to'Nil' balance, on
expairy of 1st Grace period of prepaid customers.
Configuring Re-charge coupons for different denominations like,Rs.70/- Rs.100/-,Rs.300/-etc., with grace period
1 and grace period 2.
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Fraud Management (Tracking of Postpaid Customers calling charges and finding out the High Callers).
To Stop the HighCallers at right time, and to insist them to pay the advance amount in time.
Provides Current Month Call Amount, Previous Month Details for the Post paid subscribers,which is a VAS
     (Value Added Services) through SMS and in turn Revenue Income to the Corporate.
Tracing out the International IN Roamers.
Tracing out the IN Roamers from Different circles and providing the details of the In Roaming High Callers to
the corresponding circle in time.
A Better tool for Management Purpose to stop the revenue loss by tracking the high calling postpaid subscribers.
Maintaining the CDRs of Postpaid Subscribers.To bar the High callers Outgoing and Incoming.
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 Value Added Services to the Subscribers such as Call amount details, Billing Details,Ringtones, any other
 functionalities can be delivered to the customers, which in turn yield the Revenue to the Corporate.
 It tracks the incoming SMS from the Subscribers and gives the response (depending upon the menus) to the
 It can also be used for specialized servicessuch as Publishing Education Results,other results, other services
etc…  (in turn revenue to the company)
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IUC Calculations
This Package is developed to find out the Incoming,Outgoing Revenue through Inter Conecting usage charges
To know the IUC Revenue Incoming and Outgoing.
Capable of raising IUC Bills.
Capable of taking Call Detail Records for IUC Bills.Capable of taking Call Detail Records for the given MSISDN
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PUK Details
 To keep the details about the pin unlocking key. Back Button
Send the Call Termination Reason message to the subscriber immediatly when their call be terminated
imporperly. This Call Drop Message send to the subscriber who activate this VAS.
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SIM Inventory
 This Client/Server(standalone / net based) application software is used to maintain the Inventory of SIM,
 Recharge Coupon and Replacement SIM Details for a particular Circle.
 The project starts from placing of Purchase Order, Purchase receipt at Circle Level
 This Project contains the various stages like Circle Level, SSA Level, CSR Level, and Distributor Level
 This system is provided with option to upload the scanned application to the server
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Details of the Intranet Websites Developed
Prepaid Enquiry System.
Mobile Traffic System
PUK Details.
Prepaid Address Details.
Online Billing Enquiry System.
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SanCharSoft involves three major modules, which are Planning, Execution and maintenance. Planning Module
involves activities like, receiving the Request, Put-up, Preparation of the Detailed Estimate, getting the sanction
and Preparation of the Purchase Order.
Execution Module takes care of Stocking, Installation of the Purchased Items,maintaining the relevant details
and preparation of Completion Report.Maintenance Module involves issuing the AMC for each of the installed
item and maintaining the relevant details.
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Project Estimation System
This software is developed for auto generation of Estimation and Sanction reports for a project of Installation
/Expansion of a New/Existing Telephone Exchange by LTP (long-term Planning) Section of Department of
These reports hold the details of the components and their respective allotments on Cash, Stores and overhead
for a Project. It also calculates and generates the report about the ARE (Annual Revenue Expenditure), ARS
(Anticipated Receipts and Savings) and Profit/Loss to the department due to the projects.
This application facilitates to automatically merge all the reports (for a particular project) into a single document
and to mail it to higher officials for their verification and Signature. This also facilitates monitoring the Current
Status of the Projects and all other details by all the corresponding officials.
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Detailed Estimation Monitoring System
This software helps in storing and monitoring the details regarding Detailed Estimate, which are filled in Eng-6
,Eng-3, and Eng-3A forms. It holds the estimated details of Cash/Stores, which may occur for an estimate
workdone by BSNL. The details are cross-checked and the expense details are maintained,
for future reference as well as further process.Back Button
Completion Estimation Monitoring System
This module facilitates the automation of Completion Report Cell(CR cell). The CR Cell releases the completion
report after the estimated work has been completed, which is provided in the project estimate work and
sanctioned in the detailed estimate.This completion report having all past history, form the Project Estimate
Works,Detailed Estimate Work and all the actual expenditures during execution of this work.
This module has provisions to store the actual expenditures.These expenditure details are stored under many
headings.Expenditures can be either cash or stores.Stores are converted to cash values. It also has facility to 
transfer the cash or stores from one estimate to another estimate.
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SBA System - MNP Activation/Deactivation
Activation of MNP facility upon Subscriber Request through SMS.
De-Activation of MNP facility Request via PORT(Customer Care).Back Button